Alison’s References

We have been repeat clients of Alison’s, having both bought and sold homes with her. On both occasions of using her services, we appreciated the high level of integrity that Alison brings to her professional practice, as well her comprehensive knowledge of the KW realty market. Alison’s background in home design and construction was an asset in our home search as she was able to identify any areas of potential deficiencies BEFORE engaging a home inspector. Dealing with Alison is always enjoyable given her endless enthusiasm and energy for her work as a realtor.
John & Janine

We just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you once again for helping us find the perfect home (for the second time). This was not an easy task. You showed great persistence when faced with a tight timeline and extensive requirements on our part. Your knowledge of the market, building principles, and keen understanding of what we needed scored us the best possible home for our family and at the great price! Not to mention you sold our home in less than a month at nearly 99% of asking, and over Christmas holidays! Thank you so much.
Marci & Michel

Alison is very dedicated to her job and gives her all to help achieve the goals of her Clients.

Alison has a way about her that will leave you feeling confident about your future. She will throw ideas out regarding the good and the bad points of the house that you may look at as a potential purchase. Alison would recommend resources for finalizing a deal if needed, from Financing to Home Inspectors. After the purchase of a house, she doesn’t forget about you, she will always follow up with a visit or a phone call, and even a house warming gift.

If you are selling and buying a house, Alison is the right person for the job, she is very good at multitasking. Selling the house is her top priority. She makes sure the house gets plenty of exposure through adds in the paper and Open Houses. She will even pet-sit during the Open House. Once your house is sold, she works hard on helping find a new house. One that you will happy with for the years to come.

Alison has this knack of guiding you in the right direction if she feels you are going in the wrong one. She will not pressure you into making a decision that you do not feel comfortable with. But she will help talk it through with you.

Alison is very devoted to her job and family and we would not hesitate to ask for her assistance again or refer her.
Glen & Aurora

Buying our first home & working with Alison O’Neil, is what every future buyer or seller could ask for in a Realtor. She held our hand throughout the whole process, to make sure we were comfortable with every home we viewed & every transaction that followed. She researched all the properties we had considered, to give us the complete history of the homes. None of our previous Realtors had even known about this procedure!!

From a builder to a Realtor, she is extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of the home buying & selling process & experience.

To find a knowledgeable, honest, and overall a wonderful Realtor, who has your interests & needs first, she is the person that “everyone” needs.

She had come HIGHLY recommended to us, and we HIGHLY recommend her. All of our friends were completely satisfied with her level of professionalism & her commitment to all of us. And she still remains committed to her past, present & future clients.
Bicky & Nick

Thank you for the message and I thoroughly enjoyed talking to you last evening. You are a very passionate, lovely lady and it is a shame we did not get to know each other better earlier but as they say better late than never. I look forward to attending your seminar and you have a very interesting perspective on educating people rather than selling them what they cannot afford for a bigger commission. Too bad more people were not forward thinkers like yourself and the economy would be in much better shape.